Limited Edition

Design inspiration from Peranakan Blue-White Porcelain, blue glass beads with cobalt pigment is used to mimic as motif design and white sequins are as porcelain background.
Peony is an auspicious symbol & has a prominent symbolic position in the Peranakan culture.


Brain Cortices Wristlet Pouch
We specially designed and handmade Beaded Leather Wristlet Pouch with motif of staining cross-sections of the brain cortices for
Singapore National Stroke Association in raising funds for stroke survivors and the caregivers.

Beaded Handbag

Orange Carry not only embraces beauty but also the heart of kindness. Our Beaded Batik Handbags are made with the intention to provide sustainable livelihood and freedom for women - A Branded Designer Beaded Bag with a ♥

The Best Beaded Bag

Our craftsmen take pride in their work. They are talented in creating lively motifs. Long hours are spent in perfecting beading art - a tedious process, from selecting of bead colours & types, embroidery techniques in achieving good & consistent quality.

Beaded Products

Buy meaning gifts for loved ones. We have wide choices - handbags, purses, pouches, wallets, cases & evening bags - for your selection. Shop today and bring joy to the world. Very Uniquely Handmade Gifts!

Uniquely Singapore

First to design and make leather wristlet with influence from the Singapore history of peranakan porcelain.
Distinctive, Representative & Special!

By Singapore Designer

Beaded Bag

Our products are handmade to conserve cultural heritage, preserving the beauty of beading art. Our philosophy is to help the less fortunate ones by providing them with the skill to gain sustainable livelihood.

One and only one....

We make special and unique pieces for the elites and celebrities.
Each pieces are unique, limited and customize to the individuals.

Branded Designer Beaded Bags - Orange Carry

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